Plans that fail!

Who makes plans anymore? I have learned that they never work out the way you want or expect them to. I just make semi-plans now. More like goals than plans. Yesterday morning I was working on figuring out how many classes I needed to get my associates in Social Work. I know…I’m way behind in life and I’ve been out of high school for SIX years (oh my…I might have just teared up a little) and I haven’t even gotten my associates! Now–I do have enough credits for an associates, but just not ones that would apply towards a major. I’ve changed majors so many times that I have a lot of wasted credits..and not to mention money!!

I have always felt like my calling was something to do with children! I’ve wanted to help children and hadn’t found a way to do that. I thought that I wanted to be a teacher…that was until I did student teaching and wasted some credits!! It was okay, but definitely not what I was looking for! I think I have finally found my true calling! I feel lead to pursue a career in Child Protective Services! I am confident in this and haven’t doubted it since I came to the realization of what I think is Gods plan for me! (And it’s almost been a year–so that’s major progress on my flip flopping)

I have 8 more classes in order to complete my associates in arts with a major in social work! I am going back to college in January and can’t be anymore excited for this! If I have it planned out correctly and everything goes great, I will be finished by the end of the summer next year! I hope I pass all my classes on the first try! I’m not book smart at ALL and I have my two sciences & labs as well as my 2 governments & 1 history left to do–scares me to death! Science and history….are by far my worst enemies! Which would be why I haven’t taken them yet! I definitely didn’t save the best for last!

But…I’m looking forward to this! I’m looking forward to taking steps forward!!



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