Advocare Challenge

Today I started then Advocare 24-day challenge. No big deal, right? Wrong. I’ve had 2 major fails with the challenge in the past. Once a long time ago, and once here recently. It’s basically only hard for me because I DON’T enjoy eating healthy. The challenge is fairly giving as far as what you’re allowed to eat. The main stuff you’re advised to steer clear of is fried and processed foods. Which…is basically all I cook. Ooops!

In the past the reason I failed before I even started was because of the fiber drink. It was HORRIBLE! Straight up horrible. I couldn’t drink it for the life of me. I have a huge texture problem and this was like the evil of all evils in texture land. But, the company has drastically improved the fiber drink by offering an “unflavored” fiber drink and it is 100% better. It is not gritty and thick like the old one, although if you let it sit long enough I’m positive it will start to thicken up. I mix my unflavored fiber drink with my spark and it goes down with no problem. I actually like that I can combine the two and kill two birds with one stone! Anything to save time in the mornings is OK by me!

Recently, I started the challenge with my husband. We did okay through about half of the cleanse phase. But then, life happened and we had to eat out a lot and it just caused us to fail. I’m the person that if I don’t do it good enough to my standards, I stop it all together. So we stopped. I guess he’s the same way.

Monday I started thinking about it again. Thinking how I didn’t want to waste my money on the products (again) and thought to myself…I can just try again, by myself. I have enough of the cleanse phase for about 7 days of the 10 days. The plan is to just starts from day one and do the cleanse phase for as many days as I have stuff for and then to just finish the challenge. So, I suppose it’s more like the 21 day challenge for me! I have a game plan for eating out–so that won’t ruin me this time!  And I plan to blog through my challenge so I can keep myself motivated and devoted to it. The bottom line is, I’m way overweight for my age and something needs to change. I need to change.

So here’s to day ONE of the challenge!

&&Pork chops for dinner! Grilled! (Progress!)



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