Friday Favorites

I’m gonna jump on a “bloggin’ trend” and do…Friday Favorites

Pretty simple. I just tell you about a few things that I’m loving!

  1. Chiropractors! Thank you Jesus for Chiropractors! I injured by back by stupidly helping my husband load a very heavy deep freeze that was given to us! We just moved to a different town, so I had to search for a chiropractor closer to where we are living and working. Hembree Chiropractic, PA was the facility that I chose solely based on the wonderful reviews they have! I see Dr. Lindsey Wolf and she is so great! I’m still hurting pretty badly but much better than before and well on my way to recovery.
  2. Spark! Spark is a energy drink made by Advocare. It is jam packed with vitamins and 0 sugar! I love, love, love this drink! I have a hard time staying focused and awake during the day. I do nothing but computer work and it is so draining! When I drink my Spark, I feel so much better and actually have some energy when I get home from work! When I miss a day I can definitely tell the difference!  There are many different flavors! Let me just go ahead and give you my opinions on the flavors I’ve tried.
    • Grape – Haven’t tried this one. It’s on it’s way to my mom & I can’t wait to try it!
    • Watermelon – Haven’t had this either. But, I bet it’s good. It’s on my list to try!
    • Mango Strawberry – I would drink this one every now and then. This is my dad & sister’s favorite!
    • Fruit Punch – MY personal favorite!
    • Mandarin Orange – Love this one too! I drink this in the mornings…taste just like Sunny D to me!
    • Green Apple – Not a fan…but know people who love it too. Just too sweet for me!
    • Cherry – Haven’t tried it yet! I’m not a fan of cherry…so kinda iffy. I associate cherry with medicine, so I have a mental block against it! Strange…I know!
    • Pink Lemonade – My second favorite!
      AdvoCare Logo
  3. Proverbs 31 Ministries. EVERYONE, and I do mean EVERYONE should subscribe to their daily devotionals. I won’t lie- every now and then I get in this phase of not reading them and they go straight in the trash folder. I hate when I get that way. It’s bad. But, when I read them I always gain something from them. The women who write the devotionals are wonderful leaders and examples of women walking in faith. Just the one that I read yesterday–completely written for me! I have the hardest time saying I’m wrong at, well, anything! I take it too personal. So if you don’t subscribe, GO. Do it NOW!
  4. Instagram. I’m still kinda new to Instagram. Let me tell you though–my sister does no other social media type things other than Instagram. I really only do Facebook but I’m really debating deleting Facebook and only being on Instagram. It’s like the pictures with out the drama. Anyways, off topic. I started Instagram just because my sister has it and I wanted to be able to see the pictures she post! I love seeing the pictures and videos of my nephew and this week especially has just made me so happy (crying happy)! So–very thankful for Instagram!
  5.  Audibles. I love being able to listen to books while I’m working. They play country music all day in my room that I work it…and no offense to you country listeners…but it gets old with me. I have been listening to it everyday that I’m actually starting to enjoy some of the songs, but for the most part…I still dislike country music. So audibles has saved me! I also have started to track the books that I read on “good reads” so I can remember what I’ve read and want to read! It’s pretty great–and you can add me!

Happy Friday Y’all! Hope it’s a great weekend for you!



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