Advocare – Cleanse Phase

Hey guys,

I kept a little bit of a journal through the Cleanse Phase of the Advocare 24 day challenge. I will be doing the same for the Max Phase the next few days and will post the final results afterwards! Inch and weight loss only–LORD NO on before/after photos! Nobody wants to see that 🙂

Day 1. (Thursday) Today was pretty great! I woke up motivated to start the challenge and determined to do the best I can! Eating healthy is always a struggle for me, but this go around I’m more focused on the amount of food I’m eating rather than so much on what I’m eating. I love food. I love unhealthy food even more! So we’ll see. I made pork chops tonight…grilled! They were delicious!

Day 2. (Friday) I ran out of orange spark to mix in the mornings with my fiber drink so I did orange juice instead and it tasted just as great! Win! I had leftover pork chops for lunch and tacos for dinner! I used venison instead of beef so it was slightly healthier! I love venison because it has no fat! Another win!

Day 3. (Saturday) First Saturday on the challenge–which are usually the hardest. It’s difficult to me to stick to a diet on the weekends because I’m usually just relaxing! I ate out with my parents tonight and had chicken nachos! Probably not the healthiest thing I could have chosen but I just don’t care for the salads at Mexican restaurants! 🙂 On the plus side though, I got a couple of hours with my nephew allllll to myself! So I’m pretty sure I burned some calories chasing him around! I have to say, it was awesome! He was just passing out kisses to me over and over! :)——talk about melting an Aunt’s heart!

Day 4. (Sunday) I baked a cake today! It was in practice for Halloween! It was a cookies & creme recipe and I only intended on having once small piece of it! Well- that was really no problem because I didn’t care for it much! So off to work it goes for that cake!

Day 5. (Monday) We had oven baked chicken for dinner today! I have a little bit of a headache. I’m assuming it’s because I haven’t had soda this whole time! I just realized this! That’s another beauty of spark, in my opinion! Helps with the cravings of soda! On a side note–my cake was almost completely gone after being at work for the day. So…someone out there liked it!

Day 6. (Tuesday) Opted for an easy dinner today. Pop-in-the-oven ravioli! Hey-when you have to go to the store after work, it has to be an easy dinner night!

Day 7. (Wednesday) Today for dinner we had McDonalds—woomp wooomp. We were in a hurry for dinner and it was a late one also, so we had to opt for something quick. Would have much rather had Subway so it could have been at least semi-healthy–but Kev doesn’t like Subway at all! 😦

Day 8. (Thursday) We had chicken for dinner tonight! Didn’t have the best pairing–french fries! Everything was fried! oops!!!

Day 9. (Friday) LAST DAY of the cleanse phase. I’m so happy I was only one day short of supplies! We’re having healthy-breakfast for dinner tonight! Happy to be done with the cleanse phase but on to the max phase tomorrow…which basically means more pills to swallow! 😦

Happy Friday Y’all!



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