Day 1 – The good in starting a blog

Guys, I’m new to blogging. I’ve only been blogging for a month, maybe?

The way I got started is kind of funny to me! My sister told me about her sister-in-law’s blog. I think we were talking about essential oils at the time. I think I read Lauren’s entire blog in the matter of a week. I was addicted and in amazement. I loved reading things that someone whom I kinda-sorta know wrote. She has a TON of great advice, adventures and is currently on her own journey of adoption.  I think what really hooked me was the fact that her precious little adoptive baby will get to read her blog one day and know everything they’ve been through to get to be together. And how they have loved and prayed for this baby before they even knew who this baby was.

I used to write in a journal a lot. Mostly stupid stuff not worth reading, but I liked to write. When I’d get done with a journal I wouldn’t know what to do with it, so I’d throw it away. Sometimes I even threw it out the window while driving. (I know–littering…not good). I had this horrible feeling that if I kept it that someone would read it one day. Now I have a ton of empty, beautiful journals because I’ve been wanting to write again….but I knew they wouldn’t stay. (STUDIO OH! has beautiful journals! I love them)

But blogging. Well, to me it’s the same thing. It can be served as a journal. As a scrapbook. As my history? I’ve decided to look at the good in blogging. I may not write about important things but maybe they’re important to someone else.

I would give anything today if my Mema would have written a journal. Just to know what life was like for her. And I would give anything if my Mom would start.

So the good–I’m not going to care or worry about if I think my writing is worth reading to someone. Because it doesn’t matter. I’m not going to care if someone thinks that this is silly. I want something that my future children can read and they can think I’m silly 🙂


**to read more about my Write 31 Days challenge, click here!***


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