Day 4 – The good in Facebook

I struggle BIG TIME with Facebook. I like it. I hate it. I love it. I can’t stand it!

Constant and never-ending back and forth emotions with Facebook!

Reasons why I dislike:::
1. I’m too outspoken and literally like to post on everything controversial.
2. People get their feelings hurt to easily in small discussions/debates….can’t communicate tone over internet.
3. I can’t stand seeing what schools are doing with kids–because I know I’m going to be a crazy parent one day. (Sorry, but if my kid dances to Whip That Nae Nae…. I will blow up!)
4. I hate seeing animals that are being neglected and need homes.
5. NUDITY! I mean COME ON people, be a little tasteful on the internet!

Reasons why I like:::
1. I can keep up with how family members are doing that I don’t see/talk to often.
2. Same thing as above, I can keep up with some of my classmates and see how they’re doing in life!
3. BABIES, BABIES, BABIES! I Love seeing pictures of all these babies!
4. Recipes–yes, you can sometimes find great recipes over Facebook!
5. Humorous! People can be and like some of the darndest things!

So, there is more good in Facebook than there is bad. I know the numbers are the same…but I’d rate keeping up with my family more important than all the controversial issues going on that I just HAVE to put my input in on.  And every time I see a neglected animal I’m just going to have to remember that the babies are so much cuter and so much worth keeping Facebook over! Although, one day I know I’m going to end up with one of those rescue dogs.


**to read more about my Write 31 Days challenge, click here!***


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