Day 5 – The good in a bad morning

It’s Monday and it has already been a Monday!

I hate Mondays, but today I woke up particularly happy and excited because this week is only a 3 day work week for Kev & I!  But my excitement was quickly diminished.

I decided to take all of my metformin at night. Just to try. Just to see if I could sleep through the side effects and wake up feeling better! I was so, so, so very wrong. I slept peacefully all night but when I woke up it was like everything just crashed around me. When I take the medicine all throughout the day…the side effects are kind of spread out…but all day long.  This morning was like it crammed all the hours of side effects and pain in the matter of my hour and half of getting ready this morning.

Horrible. Horrible. Just horrible!

BUT, I guess the medicine’s working. If I’m having side effects that has to mean it’s doing something right? I’m probably wrong on that…but I hope I’m not.

And at least now I don’t have to deal with the side effects all day long, today. That’s a plus right? I’m at least hoping that it’s going to work that way.

Despite my morning…and an already moody co worker…today will be a good day!  It’s already my “middle of the week & hump day” today! And tomorrow will be my “day before Friday!” 🙂 Then off to a wonderful, very long weekend!


**to read more about my Write 31 Days challenge, click here!***


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