Day 10 – The good in a budget

I’m a little behind! Writing for 31 days straight is extremely hard! I’m blaming it on being a newbie!

But let’s talk budgeting. I love to budget. But I hate talking about it.

Our life without a budget consist of mindless spending and zero saving. We literally do not know where our money goes. If you ever want to see my husband really stressed out, talk about money when we aren’t budgeting.

Our life with a budget consist of knowing where our money is at, actually saving and being prepared. The only thing I hate about budgeting is that Kevin loves to discuss it just about every other day. But he’s working on this and I agreed to a weekly budget meeting.

YNAB is a LIFE SAVING tool! It’s “You Need A Budget“. The point of YNAB is to budget for every dollar of your income. I love it. You can keep your check register(s) all in one spot and know exactly how much you have in each budgeted area. It also allows your account to build but know that each dollar has a current or future home, if that makes sense.

Yes, you do have to pay for YNAB. There is a free trial and I highly suggest trying it out before buying to make sure you like it. But it is worth the money. You can download the program to your computer(s) and maintain the budget there. And then you can download the app on any device(s) and log transactions very easily!


**Write 31 Days is a challenge that I accepted for October 2015. If you would like to read more about this challenge, you can click here!***


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