Day 12 – The good in a clean freak husband

I’m going to use this post to shortly brag on my husband.

I use the term “clean freak” in a good way so nobody should take offense to that term. My sister and I used to call our momma a “clean freak”. I think it actually started by a neighborhood friend. Anyways, we were both very blessed that our mom is a clean freak. We always had a clean home to live in and not everyone has that. So I’m grateful for that. Even though I hated cleaning house and rarely even did so.

Before my sister tells on me…I will go ahead and admit. I used to “reorganize” my room on cleaning days all while my mom and sister would clean the entire house. I literally just did my room….and a poor job at that.

But I definitely never escaped having a clean freak in my home. I have picked up a lot of my mom’s tendencies but I really still do not come close to the way she keeps her house.

I married my clean freak. Kevin keeps our house the level of clean that it is today.

I will proudly and humbly say that I have never cleaned a bathroom in the entire time that we’ve been together. Never. Not even once. Mainly because I wouldn’t do it to the level of his liking.

Even though he is always wanting to clean….I’m glad he’s the way he is. It keeps me in line and our home clean. Clean freaks are good to have. Let’s be honest, if he weren’t a clean freak our home would probably look like a tornado happened daily in it.

Cheers to the clean freaks! And the not-so-clean freaks! 🙂


**Write 31 Days is a challenge that I accepted for October 2015. If you would like to read more about this challenge, you can click here!***


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