Day 19 -The good in pets not being able to talk.

You might assume that I am getting desperate on things to write about for the Write 31 Day challenge I have been doing in October…but I assure you, I am not. This post is a true and thought out post.

Last night I was thinking…. honestly thinking to myself….

It is a dang good thing that my Lacy Lou can not speak human.

Lacy is my almost two-year old beagle. She has a BIG personality. Most days she hates me and then there are the occasional and very rare days that she loves me.

It’s just one big love-hate relationship. With her, not me.

The looks that I get–all joking aside–…if looks could kill I would NOT be here today!

She has done this to me since week one of having her home with us. She was just a tiny puppy and I had to spank her, I can’t remember why. And I’ll have you know…I DO NOT spank hard! It’s impossible for me to punish or discipline something so cute as she is!

But I spanked her. Her daddy witnessed this. After I spank her, that little girl climbs up on MY pillow…looks directly at ME and squats to pee.  If that’s not her showing me who’s dominant in this relationship I don’t know what is!

So that’s when it all started. She’s constantly mistreating me, giving me dirty looks and wedging herself between her daddy and I. But thank you Jesus that she can not talk! Her face and actions hurt my feelings enough as it is! 😦


**Write 31 Days is a challenge that I accepted for October 2015. If you would like to read more about this challenge, you can click here!***


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