Day 24 – The good in date nights.

I love date nights.

Kevin & I don’t get around to having date nights very often because our weekends are usually spent catching up on things around the house. I can only imagine how it will be once we have children.

I wish that we could have date night during the week but he usually doesn’t get home at a decent enough hour in order to do so. Usually by the time he gets home during the week we have about 2 1/2 hours before we have to go to bed! Yuck.

We are having a date night tonight and I cannot wait! We plan to see a movie and go to dinner. We may even go to the new Studio Movie Grill and watch a movie while we eat!

I love date nights because I feel like I get to pause time and catch up with him! We get to do something we enjoy doing together without looking at things in our home that we could be doing instead. We are both very productive people so it’s hard for us to just sit around doing nothing.

Now we just can’t decide what to see….Hotel Transylvania 2 (I married my dad..he loves kid movies) or The Visit. 🙂 We were going to go to the Drive Thru here in Lindale that’s playing Hotel Transylvania 2, but it’s raining 😦 We LOVE our drive-thru!

Have a good weekend!


**Write 31 Days is a challenge that I accepted for October 2015. If you would like to read more about this challenge, you can click here!***

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