Day 27 – The good in essential oils.

About two years ago I was diagnosed with “conditional” migraines.

If you click on that link–you will see that 36 percent of the people in the study suffer from Auras when they have migraines. I’m in that oh-so-lucky group!

Thus brings me to this post today. The good in essential oils.

When, neurologist,  Dr. Hamer (highly recommend him if you’re local) informed me about conditional migraines, he said the big thing with this type of migraine is going to be over-the-counter medications. There are a few ingredients in medications that can trigger my migraines but the most important one is acetaminophen.

Guys–this drug is in most medications! When I get a cold..all I can pretty much take is Zicam. Pre-cold medicine. And because of this…my colds last FOREVER!!! When I have a headache….I have to take a certain type of migraine medicine, no Tylenol here! The most effective medicine is a nasal spray that stops the migraine almost instantly… only cost about 25 bucks for ONE dose! And that is only for my part–my insurance get’s billed almost 1,000 dollars! Crazy. But, unfortunately you can’t take that while trying to get pregnant–so the other option is Imitrex (a common migraine medicine)…that works fairly good, but it is much more debilitating opposed to the nasal spray.  I miss the nasal spray, even though it is expensive.  It is worth it!

Back to essential oils. Because the nasal spray was so expensive, I looked for an alternative route that eventually led me to essential oils. My aura is my weak spot. I can deal with the headache for the most part, but I can’t deal with the aura. When this happens, my whole left side goes numb. It’s so specific that I can literally feel the line that divides the left from the right side of my body. It’s the left side of my face, my lips (which is the #1 thing that just trips me out), my arms, stomach, legs, toes…everything. Everything on my entire left side just tingles and goes numb.

Peppermint essential oil has saved me SO MUCH money! Most of the times that this happens, I can use the essential oil and not have to use my nasal spray. I put the oil on the inside of my wrist, my temple and cheeks and the back of my neck! You might smell like a walking peppermint candy, but he…at least it’s a decent smell!

I know that some believe that essential oils are all in your head…like a placebo effect, but I believe in them!! I strongly recommend oils!


P.S. I have also read that you can use Lavender for migraines as well. I love the smell of lavender but when I bought the essential oil, it was so strong that I didn’t enjoy it. Just FYI! 🙂

**Write 31 Days is a challenge that I accepted for October 2015. If you would like to read more about this challenge, you can click here!***


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