Friday Favorites.

I hope you’ve all had a great week.

Here are some things that I’m loving…

  1. Amazon Prime. I ordered three books yesterday and they’re being delivered today! Shipping is so quick and FREE for most items! It doesn’t get better than that!!!!!
  2. Fitbit Charge HR. Kevin & I bought ourselves an early Christmas present last week. We both have the Fitbit Charge HR and love them! I love how I can get an accurate total of the calories that I burn throughout the day and during exercise. I also thought it would prove how Kevin makes my sleeping situation horrible by showing how much he is restless throughout the night, but we’ve now determined that it’s actually be who is restless! I hated to admit that one!
  3. Peanut butter cups. Being as I had hardly ANY trick-or-treaters I have been left with all this leftover candy. I’ve been craving peanut butter cups like crazy! Good thing I’m almost out of them! LOVE peanut butter!
  4. Warranties. There is nothing exciting about having a day off in the middle of the week, just so you know! 🙂 I had Wednesday off and so I scheduled our bed peeps to come out and replace our tempurpedic adjustable base that’s been broken for about 9 months. We paid nothing! Have to love&appreciate warranties!
  5. Lacy Lou. Spending all day Wednesday with my Lacy Lou was lovely! We cuddled most of the day! I feel like we are always leaving her at home so I was thankful to have a day with her! 🙂

Isn’t she the cutest little girl you ever saw? 🙂

Have a good weekend y’all!



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