The best thing ever.

Let me tell you about the best purchase I have ever made. Or at least for 2015, anyways.

Fitbit Charge HR.  Best. Thing. Ever. 

Let me tell you the top 3 reasons why the Fitbit Charge HR is on my “wish I had enough money to buy everyone I love this product” list.

First. Silent Alarms.  Throw out your alarm clocks, people!  FOR REAL! I have not set my alarm clock since the second night of having the fitbit. I never realized how truly stressful alarm clocks have been for me.  Setting them to have non-annoying music playing as my signal to wake up and I just don’t hear it nor do I get up (all that does for me  is provide music playing in my dream)…but set them to the errrr-errr-errrr tone and I’m up instantly and starting the day feeling irritable.

But this silent alarm is like Heaven to my mornings. You wouldn’t think it but the light vibration is all you need to wake up in the mornings. By far–this is the best feature of the fitbit and that alone is worth the $150!!!!!!!

Second. Sleep Pattern.  Funny story that I’m going to share with you. I hate sleeping next to my husband. He’s always crowding me, makes the covers a disaster and is simply annoying to sleep next to. I mean, we have a split king (how naive I was to think that would solve this problem) and he ends up STILL on MY side. Anyways. I know in a marriage what’s his is her and hers is his and yada yada, but dang… all a girl wants is her own side of the bed. Back to the story. That was all relevent to this story, I think? I couldn’t wait to get our fitbits because I just knew it was going to prove to Kevin that he is the reason that I don’t sleep good. Couldn’t wait for it to show that every time he moves or rolls that it’d show me restless right after.

I was so wrong. I am the one that causes my troubles in my sleep. I am the one who sleeps restless while he barely moves from his starting sleeping spot. But still, I blame this on the fact that he annoys me when we get ready to sleep! 🙂  So basically it’s still his fault.

Thrid. Challenges. Who doesn’t love a good challenge? There are all kinds of challenges that the fitbit charge HR app offers. The past two weeks I have done a “workweek hustle” with a group during the week. It’s super motivational for me. Especially since you can tell the difference in the unfortunate group of us that have sit-down-jobs and the ones who don’t! I’m almost guaranteed to lose each week, but it’s still fun to see people meet their daily goals!

The Fitbit Charge HR does so much more but those are my favorite 3 features. I wear my all day every day and it’s not as bad as you think it’d be. You get use to it very quickly and sleeping with it on is no problem at all. I love mine! 🙂

Hope everyone has a good weekend!


**I also want to refer you to the Christmas Special that Jamie Ivey and Jen Hatmaker did on Happy Hour with Jamie Ivey this week! It’s definitely (and as always) worth listening to! One of my goals for my life it to start “shopping with a purpose” and these are great companies to do that with! I just recently bought some new shirts from Sole Hope (one of my favorite organizations) and Persimmon Prints.


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