Thankful & Thanksgiving

Can I just say that I have a lot to be thankful for? 

November was a busy month. I finished all of my Christmas shopping the day after Thanksgiving, whew! Now I just need to get everything wrapped and underneath the tree. Yes, I put my tree up BEFORE Thanksgiving! (If I would have gotten my way our tree would have been up before Halloween—gasp!)

It has been a couple years (I think) since I’ve gotten to do some Christmas shopping with my mom and sister like we did this year. They brought my cute little buddy too, who I don’t think really enjoyed shopping much! He’s such a boy–that’s for sure! The toy aisles were torture for him and he just didn’t want to take a nap with all the excitement happening around him.

I mean, look at that face. That is his “holding on for dear life because if I lay back I might accidently fall asleep” face.  Or so I’m guessing.

November has been full of family time and lovin’s on my Gunnar.

Thanksgiving week started out rough. My husband is a driver for a medical supply company and holiday weekends are usually very busy due to the time their office closes.  Monday he didn’t get home until 9:30, Tuesday 10:00ish and Wednesday 12:30 ((midnight)). It was pretty insane & I’m kinda sure I got all those times right. 🙂 I felt really bad that he was having to work so late but I tell ya, it’s not easy being home all evening basically with no one to talk to. I did use that time to catch up on Little People of LA. Those women crack me up!

We both had Thursday and Friday off. ((I had Wednesday off too, but I won’t brag about that.)) It was nice to have some days together other than the weekend. I would have much rather been hunting but for the sake of Kevin’s sanity, I chose to sleep in! 🙂

Thursday we had Thanksgiving dinner with my family. We were missing all of my Uncle’s family, but it was still a good family dinner. My mom is a wonderful cook and I especially love her cooking around the holidays!

Sweet potato casserole and dressing….For the love of all things good!
It never disappoints.

We also had a mini-family photo session–nothing fancy. 🙂 But I’ll share!

Kisses for Momma, so sweet! 

Momma J and Big Daddy.

Me and Uncle Kevin with our little love! ♥

More lovin’s for Momma J.

I may be biased but my nephew is the most sweetest, cutest and loving little boy I know. Well, most days. Some days he only likes me! 😉

& let me tell you…the way he grabs for your hand to go somewhere—ugh…. I just can’t or I’m gonna start crying. Just know that when that little hand reaches for me… I’m going!!!! (I think Big Daddy is in the same situation as I am, too!!!) 🙂


I have a ton to be thankful for.  A God who loves me. A husband who does life with me. Parent’s who molded and guided me. A brother-in-law who works hard to provide for his family. (& sacrifices days like Thanksgiving with his family to help keep others safe) A sister who puts up with me and gives me advice. & a nephew who makes my heart melt everytime I see him.


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