Gunnar’s First Sleepover

The cutest nephew in the whole wide world turned TWO in April.

(Just a second while I wipe the tears from my eyes.)

His mommy and daddy decided that he was old enough to start having sleepovers when he turned two! So this past weekend, Gunnar had his first sleepover at Uncle Kevin & Aunt Gaby’s (that’s me!!!) house! We had A LOT of fun and I thought I’d share! 🙂

Kevin got to pick Gunnar up Friday night and bring him home! I felt like I was dyin’ the 30 minutes I was at home alone trying to get dinner made while waiting patiently for the truck to pull in the driveway!

After dinner we went to the park! This little boy LOVES parks! He went down all the slides many times, did the monkey bars and played on the swings. This little boy also has no fear of the big slide! He went down it all by himself with no hesitation!

He also had fun helping Uncle Kevin walk Lacy Lou!

Tell me this isn’t the cutest thing you ever saw!

After bath time we watched a movie! I think the movie choice was a little more for Kevin than for Gunnar but he enjoyed watching the dinosaurs in “We’re Back” and was roaring at the TV!

Lacy being jealous ALL weekend!

The rule applies: what happens at our house stays at our house! So I’m just not going to reveal what’s in the cup!! 🙂

We told Gunnar Friday night that we were going to go see the Tigers in the morning and that was all he talked about Friday night and Saturday morning. We went to Tiger Creek Refuge. They’re located off of HWY 14 near Hawkins. They have a really nice facility with a lot of tigers that have been saved! We went Saturday morning and all the tigers still sleeping, but we still had a lot of fun! They even had a lion!


On our way to see the Tigers! 

Checking out the one tiger that was awake!


Blowing kisses to all the tigers!

Look Uncle Kevin!

We had a lot of fun at Tiger Creek!

The weather was perfect for walking around Tiger Creek. We made the rounds 3 times! Gunnar waved, blown kisses and told all the tigers goodbye!

Gunnar was our driver for the day!

I think we might have worn him out!

I have wanted to do build-a-bear for a very long time! So when I found out Raegan was pregnant I pretty much claimed build-a-bear right then! I love the idea of kids getting to chose their own animal, watch and help it be created and then get to dress it! It’s personalized to how they want it to be! So, of course, we went to build-a-bear!

Gunnar chose a  puppy! He was a little scared of the machine but with Uncle Kevin’s help he was able to step on the peddle to fill his puppy dog!

Watching his puppy being made!

After build-a-bear Gunnar wanted to check out all the rides that they had in the mall. He had to have his new puppy right by his side! It was the sweetest!

And the cookie store was right next door—so of course, we got a cookie!!!

He sure loved his puppy! We had a blast with our Gunnar love and can’t wait for him to come stay the night with us again! He’s going to be a big brother in September and we can’t wait to meet our baby Walker! Our nephew bring so much joy in our lives and we just are so excited that we will soon have TWO baby nephews!!! 🙂

My heart is overfilled! ♥





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