31 Days of Writing

31 Days of finding the good

Early in September I came across this blog about writing for 31 days. You pick a topic and well..You write! You research! You inform! You inspire!  You can use the 31 days of writing in any way that you want!

I wasn’t by any means intimidated when I signed up for it earlier this month, but I can’t say that anymore. I received an email today regarding some things that they suggested doing in order to get ready and be prepared for October. Like–chose a topic? What??? How does one choose a topic? There are so many! I couldn’t find one that just fit me perfectly and the point I’m at in my life, so I made up my own!

I’ve decided to write about 31 days of finding the GOOD! I feel like I am a glass half empty person! I don’t know why, but I am.  I always feel like something bad is just waiting around the corner for me to walk into! So–I’m going to start looking at things/situations/people/whatever for the good in them!

It’s just a choice. Glass half empty? Or glass half full?

Best of luck to all the 31 day writers for 2015!

If you want to join me in 31 days of writing, subscribe here and get started!

Day 1 – The good of starting my own blog.
Day 2 – The good of Metformin.
Day 3 – The good in bad music.
Day 4 – The good in Facebook.
Day 5 – The good in a bad morning.
Day 6 – The good in waking up early.
Day 7 – The good in a lot of jobs.
Day 8 –  The good in always cooking dinner.
Day 9 – The good in waiting rooms.
Day 10 – The good in a budget.
Day 11 – The good in spark.
Day 12 – The good in a clean freak husband.
Day 13 – The good in podcast.
Day 14 – The good in gift giving.
Day 15 – The good in cranky people.
Day 16 – The good in family recipes.
Day 17 – The good Gods timing.
Day 18 – The good in the Internet. 
Day 19 – The good in pets not being able to talk.
Day 20 – The good in resources.
Day 21 – The good in working on patience. 
Day 22 – The good in challenges. 
Day 23 – The good in a good deal.
Day 24 – The good in date nights.
Day 25 – The good in a new place.
Day 26 – The good in crafts.
Day 27 – The good in essential oils.
Day 28 – The good in YouTube.
Day 29 – The good in de-cluttering.
Day 30 – The good in a dang good book.
Day 31 – The good in disappointment.


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